Submission Guidelines

Follow these guidelines to increase your chances of having your app approved. These tips can help you accurately indicate that your application is compatible with Facebook, help you develop your own brand identity, and avoid causing user confusion or damaging Facebook's brand assets.

Facebook Trademarks

You may only use our Trademarks with our permission, including as authorized by any brand guidelines we may publish. For more information about using Facebook's Brand Assets, visit Facebook's Brand Resources website. For more information about using Instagram's Brand Assets, visit the Instagram Brand Resources website.

Application Name and Description

You may accurately indicate that your application is integrated with the Facebook Platform. However, you may not use our brands in your name in an unauthorized way.


  • Accurately describe how your app works with Facebook, such as "Log in with Facebook" or "Challenge your Facebook friends on Friend Smash."


  • Use our brands in a way that implies partnership, sponsorship, or endorsement by us
  • Combine any part of our brands with your name, marks, or generic terms
  • Use names or logos that imitate or could be confused with our brands
  • Present our brand assets in a way that make them the most distinctive or prominent feature of what you're creating

For example, you may not use names that include Facebook or FB:

  • "Facebook Friend Smash" or "FB Friend Smash"
  • "Friend Smash for Facebook" or "Friend Smash for FB"
  • "Friend Smash - play with friends on Facebook"
  • "Friend Smash - the best FB game"

You may also not use F, Book, or Face in your name if it could be perceived as a reference to Facebook:

  • "Fvideo is not OK because in this case "F" is clearly meant to refer to Facebook
  • "Videobook" or "Facemessaging" are not OK because "Book" and "Face" are distinctive parts of the Facebook trademark.

Icons and Logos


  • Design your own logo that represents your brand.


  • Use or incorporate Facebook's F logo, or any modification or derivative of the F logo, in your icons or logos
  • Include the terms Facebook or FB in icons or logos
  • Use the FACEBOOK logo
  • Use Facebook's other graphics or icons, such as our well-known silhouette logo

Examples of non-compliant icons and logos:

Open Graph Built-in Like Actions

You can use the Built-in Like action to create custom buttons in your app, but the button must not emulate or otherwise copy the design of Facebook’s Like buttons. For example, you may not use a “thumbs up” image with the word “like” in your Open Graph actions without prior written permission from Facebook, and any custom like button you create must not confuse users into thinking that your Open Graph action will result in a connection to a Facebook Page.


  • Use generic or custom graphics that do not use Facebook's logos and icons.


  • Use or imitate Facebook's logos and icons.