Server-to-Server App Sample Submission

This is a sample Server-to-Server app review submission requesting Facebook permissions.

Let's say you've developed an app that allows you to update items in your product catalog of ads shown on Facebook. Your app needs ads_management permissions. You've read the permission's description, as well as our Platform Policy, and have verified that your app uses data in an approved manner. Your app is now ready for public release, so you begin the app review process.

Adding Permissions

You sign into your app's dashboard, click Marketing API then click Settings.

Your app needs the ads_management permission, so you scroll down to the App Review for Marketing API card. Click Add to Submission for the needed permission.

Describing Data Usage

Now you explain how you will use the data that the ads_management permission allows your app to access. Scroll down to Current Submission, then click Edit Details.

After agreeing to our permission and feature usage guidelines, you provide a general description of what your app does, then explain how the ads_management permission will provide value to your app users. You enter the following description in the Tell us how you're using this permission or feature section:

"Our app allows our ads management team to update product items within our Facebook product catalog to be shown in ads we run on Facebook. The ads_management permission allows me and my team to access our product catalog so we can update product details, such as price, picture, etc."

In the Demonstrate how your selected platforms will use this permission or feature section, you switch the Web toggle to On.

In the field that appears, enter the steps your app uses to accomplish tasks that use ads_management. You enter the following:

“Our app programmatically updates our product catalog.
  1. A script runs every Thursday at 3am that checks our product database for changes.
  2. If changes are found, a call is made to the Graph API using ads_management permissions to update our product catalog.”

Uploading a Screencast

Finally, in the Show us how you're using this permission or feature section, you upload a screencast of your app and how it is using the permission.

You upload the following screencast:

... and upload it, then click Save.

If your app needed another permission, such as ads_read for insights reporting, you repeat these steps by providing details for the that permission. If your screencast showed how both permissions are used, you could reuse your existing screencast for the other permission and include time markers in your descriptions that indicate when each one is being used.

Example Screencast of a Server to Server App

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App Verification

If you have not set an App Icon, a Privacy Policy URL, or a Category in your app Settings, you are reminded to do so here.


You've supplied everything we need to verify that your app uses the ads_management permissions, so you click Submit For Review.