App Review

We review your app to ensure a high-quality Facebook experience across apps.

Apps and Businesses Requiring Review

Many apps will need to be reviewed by Facebook before they can access certain features of Facebook's platform products. Please see the list below to see if your app will need review.

Additionally, some types of apps and businesses will require that you agree to supplemental terms in addition to our platform policy and that Facebook verify your business.

Apps that Do Not Require Review

Your app does not require review if it only uses:

  • Social plugins
  • Facebook's mediated sharing products, like the web sharing dialog or the iOS or Android share sheets
  • Facebook Login, where the only data being accessed is email, name, and profile photo

Apps that Require App Review

Your app requires review if it uses the following functionality:

  • Facebook Login and also asks for a person's birthday, location, hometown, gender, age range, or link to profile

NOTE: (1) Webhooks are run through permissions check per app, for each Graph API request. This means your App requires review to receive webhooks as well, for all fields behind App Review. (2) To test a new feature or permission, after your app has been reviewed and published, use the 'Create Test App' feature in the App Dashboard to create a clone of your production app. The clone app, created with 'In Development' status will allow all roles access to all features and permissions.

In addition, you will need to agree to the new Onboarding Terms when you submit App Review.

If you are a business building tools for other businesses, you will need to agree to supplemental terms and a Technology Provider amendment.

Apps that Require App Review, Business Verification, and Supplemental Terms

If your app uses any of the following functionality, your app will be reviewed by Facebook. You will need to agree to supplemental terms beyond our platform policies. You will also be required to provide information about your business, and Facebook will verify that business.

  • Facebook Login and also asks for friends, photos, tagged places, videos, events, managed groups, posts, or mobile phone
  • Pages API (You need to request manage_pages permissions to enable most Marketing API scenarios)
  • Events API
  • Messenger Platform API
  • Instagram Graph API
  • Groups API
  • Business Manager API

If you are a business building tools for other businesses, you will need to agree to supplemental terms and a Technology Provider amendment.

Businesses Building Tools for Other Businesses

If you are using Facebook's tools or data to provide service to other businesses, in addition to the requirements mentioned above, we will require you to share with Facebook who your customers are. We will announce the solution by Aug 1st, 2018. If they access large scale user data through your tool, we may have additional requirements for your customers.

Review Process

If your app requires review, you will need to provide instructions on how to test your app. To start that process please visit the App Review tab in your app's dashboard.

Start App Review in Your App Dashboard

Business Verification

In order for your business to be verified, you will need to set up a Business Manager account. Please visit Business Manager to get started.

Get Started with Business Manager

Additional Guides


Learn about various features that require review

  • Page Mentioning
  • Like Button for apps on iOS and Android
  • Ads Management Basic Access
  • Ads Insights API Basic Access
  • All Mutual Friends API
  • Optimized Sharing to Messenger
  • Live Video API
  • Profile Expression Kit
  • Groups
  • Page Public Content Access
  • Taggable Friends (deprecated)



Add Facebook Login to Your App or Website.

Messenger Platform

Launch your bot in Messenger.

Messenger Expressions

Enable Install and Reply buttons in Messenger.

Marketing API

Get access to the Marketing API.

App Center

Get listed in the Facebook App Center.

Open Graph

Add Open Graph Actions to your app.

Instagram Graph API

Get access to the Instagram Graph API.


We provide an example of a submission in our Login Review Guide.

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