App Review

We review your app to ensure a high-quality Facebook experience across apps.

App Review Principles

In general, people must be aware that they are logging in and posting to Facebook. People should be able to control the information they share with your app or back to Facebook.

We review all platforms listed in your app settings tab. Always abide by our user data policies, Community Standards, Platform Policies, and Ad Guidelines.

Review Guides by Product

For each product we offer a specific guide covering the required steps to submit your app or website.

Login Review

Add Facebook Login to Your App or Website.

Feature Review

Learn about features that need to be reviewed:

  • Taggable Friends
  • Page Mentioning
  • Like Button for iOS and Android
  • Ads Management Access
  • Ads Insights API Access
  • All Mutual Friends API
  • Optimized Sharing to Messenger

Messenger Platform Review

Launch your bot in Messenger.

Messenger Expressions Review

Enable Install and Reply buttons in Messenger.

Marketing API Review

Get access to the Marketing API.

App Center Review

Get listed in the Facebook App Center.

Open Graph Review

Add Open Graph Actions to your app.

Instagram API Review

Get access to the Instagram API.

Instruction Examples

We provide Instruction Examples in our Login Review Guides.

More Resources

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