App Management FAQs

Get answers to some of the most common questions developers ask about managing their apps.

We often hear from developers who have lost access to their app. This document outlines best practices for managing your app and how to secure your app effectively. It also explains the information required for you to recover an app you’ve lost access to.

It’s important to provide a valid, current contact email for your app so we can send you important communications about your app. This includes potential policy violations, app restrictions, or steps to recover your app if it’s deleted or compromised.

Make sure your contact email is:

  1. Accessible to all admins of your app
  2. Checked at least once a day
  3. Not a personal or customer support account
  • To increase security and protect your business, please make sure the admins of your apps are using their authentic Facebook accounts. Inauthentic accounts can be disabled or compromised - when this happens, you can lose access to your apps.
  • Inauthentic accounts also skew our understanding of good and bad actors. Using your authentic Facebook account will help us to better protect our developer ecosystem.
  • You can add and remove people as admins, developers or testers in the Roles section of the app dashboard or by using the API. Keep your roles current so your company will always have exclusive control and access to your app settings.

    Administrator rights should only be granted to those who need full access to your app and all its settings. Different roles have different levels of access. Learn more about App Roles.

  • Sharing administrator accounts can expose apps to insecure methods and compromise your app.
  • If you share login information for apps, Pages or accounts, use Business Manager to keep your app and assets secure.
  • You need to remove the app from the original business before it can be added to another business. This action can only be performed by people in the admin role in the app dashboard.

    Admins in the app dashboard have different responsibilities. Admins with access to the app dashboard can change all app settings, reset the app secret and even delete the app. App admins listed in Business Manager can only advertise for the app. Learn more about Business Manager Roles.