Developer Account Settings

After you sign up for a developer account, go to the Developer Settings section of the app dashboard to edit your account details. Change your email, notifications, sample app, and documentation settings.

In the upper right corner of your dashboard, hover over the profile image. Select Developer Settings from the drop-down menu.

Notification Settings

Turn on and off notifications for each of your apps. Set the business email address that is connected to your apps and set your personal email that is tied to your developer account. You change your email, edit notification settings for Urgent updates, Conversations, Product updates, and Blog & Documentation updates, or delete your Facebook developer account.

You can click All On, All Off, or customize by selecting individual items and the delivery method for each. To customize, click the notification type, Urgent, Conversations, Products, or Blogs & Docs, then select the the individual items dropdown menu to the right.

To subscribe to Platform Status notification settings, go to Platform Status dashboard and at the top right, click Subscribe.

Urgent Updates

Get urgent updates that may require an action from you to prevent your app from breaking.

Urgent NotificationDescriptionAvailable Delivery Methods

API Rate Limiting

Alerts about nearing and hitting the rate limit for API requests.

Email, On Facebook

App Status

Alerts about changes in app status including when the app is made public or removed.

Email, On Facebook

Moratoriums & Restrictions

Alerts about moratoriums/restrictions placed on your app.

Email, On Facebook

Privacy Policy

Updates on the status of your app's privacy policy url.

Email, On Facebook


Alerts about your existing Webhooks subscriptions.

Email, On Facebook

Version Deprecation

Alerts about a version upgrade affecting your app.

Email, On Facebook


Get direct responses from Facebook about the status of your app.

Conversations NotificationsDescriptionAvailable Delivery Methods

App Review

Alerts about app review status updates.

Email, On Facebook


Updates on the status of your appeals.

Email, On Facebook


Alerts about reported bugs for your app.

Email, On Facebook, Messenger

Developer Circles

Updates on the status of the Developer Circles program.


Direct Support Questions

Alerts about direct support questions.

Email, On Facebook


Alerts about the FbStart program.

Email, On Facebook

Product updates

Get updates of Facebook platform products you use.

Product NotificationsDescriptionAvailable Delivery Methods


Get data and trends for your apps.


Audience Network

Alerts about your ad placements with Audience Network.

Email, On Facebook

Gameroom Native

Updates on Gameroom Native changes.

Email, On Facebook

Login & API Errors

Alerts about when your app throws errors during login or for other API calls.

Email, On Facebook

Marketing API

Alerts about your app's integration with the Marketing API.

Email, On Facebook

Open Graph

Open Graph approval status updates.

Email, On Facebook


Alerts about canvas payment and payout updates.

Email, On Facebook

Platform Announcements

New products, events, surveys and more.


Blog & Documentation updates

Get updates of blog posts and documentation you're subscribed to.

Blogs & Docs NotificationsDescriptionAvailable Delivery Methods

Developer Blog Digests

Get the Developer Blog Digest.


Developer Blog Posts

Get notified about every new Developer blog post.


Instant Articles Developer Blog Posts

Get notified about every new Instant Articles blog post.


Marketing API Blog Digests

Get the Marketing API Blog Digest.


Marketing API Blog Posts

Get notified about every new Marketing API blog post.


Marketing API Breaking Changes

Get notified about breaking changes to the Marketing API.


Delete Your Developer Account

Deleting your developer account will remove all of your apps. If you are the only admin of an app, all app information will be lost. Recreating your account will not return access to your apps. Deleting your developer account will not affect any of your Facebook accounts, including Instagram, Messenger, or WhatsApp, or any of your Facebook Pages.

Sample App Settings

Click on the Sample App tab to add the Android Key Hash of your sample app.

Documentation Settings

Click on the Documentation tab to select a default programming language from the dropdown menu that will be used in the developer documentation code examples.