Data Use Checkup

As part of an ongoing effort to protect user data and drive long-term value for developers, Facebook has introduced an annual Data Use Checkup for app admins to certify that their API access and data use comply with Facebook Platform Terms and Developer Policies, together with all other applicable terms and policies.

Get Started

To complete Data Use Checkup for an app, you must be an admin.

To get started, choose one of these paths:

  • Go to My Apps and select the apps you want to certify. Click Start Checkup. You can only complete the checkup for apps that have been assigned a due date. Data Use Checkup is not required for apps in development mode.

  • In the dedicated developer alert or App Dashboard banner, click Get Started.

  • For a single app, you can also go to App Dashboard > Settings > Basic (on the sidebar). Scroll down to the Data Use Checkup section and click Get Started.

Complete the Checkup

  1. Go to My Apps.

  2. At the top right of each app tile, check the box for each app you want to certify or click Select All.

  3. Click Start Checkup. For a single app, you can also click the > symbol next to the due date information.

  4. Examine the allowed usage for each permission, feature or product, and check the box next to each certification statement to certify you are in compliance.

  5. Click Continue.

  6. Check the box to certify your compliance with Facebook Platform Terms and Developer Policies, then click Continue.

  7. Click Submit to complete the checkup.

Deadline for Completion

An app admin must complete Data Use Checkup by the specified date. Not all apps will require completion at the same time and deadlines may differ.

You can find the deadline for each app in the dedicated developer alert, App Dashboard banner and on My Apps.

Failure to Complete

The annual Data Use Checkup is time bound, and API access for any apps that are not in compliance by the specified date will be deactivated. An app admin can reactivate API access for an app by completing the checkup.

Need Help?

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