Business Verification

Business verification is a process that allows us to verify your identity as a business entity, which we require if your app will be accessing sensitive data. If you are a developer for a business and your app has been approved for permissions and features related to the products below, you will receive an alert in your App Dashboard Inbox asking you to verify your business. Business verification applies to your developer account and affects all of your apps.

Your app will be prevented from using any approved permissions and features related to the following products, while in Live mode, until you complete the business verification process:

Once you submit an app for review that requires business verification, all of your existing apps and any new apps will be flagged as requiring business verification, and they will inherit your verification status. This could adversely affect older apps that are already approved for permissions that now require business verification. If your app has access to a permission that did not require business verification when it was approved, yet your business does not pass business verification, the app can no longer use those permissions until you pass.

Business Verification Process

  1. Find the verification settings using one of these methods:
    • Use the link in your App Dashboard Inbox alert.
    • App Dashboard's Settings > Basic tab.

  2. If you haven't connected your app to a Facebook Business Manager account, you will be prompted to do so.

  3. Once connected, click any of the verification links or buttons to take you to the Business Manager's Business Settings > Business Info tab. From there, navigate to the Security Center and click Start Verification.

  4. Confirm your association with the business:
    • If we can locate your business details via our trusted third-party data sources, we ask that you confirm your association with the business via email or phone.
    • If we cannot locate your business details, you may need to submit additional documentation to complete the business verification process.

If you submitted documentation, and are still having issues getting verified, you may need to submit additional documentation. If you are unable to provide this extra information within 1 week, you'll need to start the process again.

For more information about the business verification process and steps for troubleshooting, see About Business Verification, Business Help Center.