Business Manager

Business Manager helps businesses and agencies manage their Facebook Pages, ad accounts, apps and payment methods in one place. This describes how you:

  • Set up a business in Business Manager, and
  • Associate apps with a business

Developers need Business Manager for specific capabilities including:

Creating a Business

If your business is not yet set up in Business Manager, you need to create a new business then associate your apps with it.

Step 1 - Open from App Dashboard

  1. Go to Advanced Settings in your app's dashboard; the Business Manager panel appears.

  2. Go to the Business Manager section

Select "Create a Business Manager" from the "Business Manager" drop-down menu

From here, an in-line signup flow will appear, please fill out the neccessary fields to create your Business Manager.

For more information on what it takes to setup a business, and who within your business is best-placed to do so, read our Introduction to Business Manager.

Every business must be associated with the primary Facebook Page for your business. To setup a business, you must be a manager of your business' primary Facebok Page. If you are not, we suggest contacting the person at your business who manages the primary Facebook Page and ask to be added as a manager on the page.

If your business does not have a primary Facebook Page, you may create one as part of this flow. However, it is highly likely your business already has a primary Facebook Page. Over time, Business Manager will become more important to your business - it will be the one place to manage Pages, ad accounts, apps, and all the roles that the people within your business have on those assets. So it pays to take the time now to setup your business correctly. See more information about Setting up your Business on Facebook.

Add an App to an Existing Business

If you've already set up Business Manager, you can link your app to your business directly in this panel and select the appropriate Business Manager.