App Types

App Types determine which Products can be added to an app in the App Dashboard and which Permissions and Features can be requested and approved through App Review.

When you create an app you will be asked how the app will be used:

The selection you choose determines its type: Business, Gaming, or None. Once you choose an App Type, your app will only be presented with Products, Permissions, and Features that are available to that App Type.


Gaming apps are apps that can be played off of the Facebook Platform, meaning they are neither Instant Games nor Canvas games.

Available Products

Available Permissions

Available Features

  • None


Apps designated as None are apps designed for non-business-related and non-gaming purposes. Apps designated as None have access to all Products, Permissions, and Features.

Changing App Type

You may change your App Type from Business to None by going to App Dashboard > App Review > Permission and Features > Looking for Different Permissions? and clicking the change your app type link. Doing so will set your app’s Development/Live mode status back to the status it had been at the time of type selection. Any Permissions or Features already approved through App Review will retain their approval status.

Note that if you change your app from Business to None, you will be unable to change it again. If you later need to change your app’s type, you must create a new app with the desired type instead.