Facebook App Development

Guides to help you keep up on future and previous Platform changes, and get your app ready for launch.


See what we have in store so you're prepared when building your app.


See what has changed in Facebook's APIs and SDKs.

Upgrade Guide

Get details on how to upgrade your app for each version of Facebook's API.

Platform Versioning

Get ahead of upcoming changes and deprecations by using our versioning and migration systems.

App Review

Prepare and submit your app for review.

We'll help you prepare your app for Review, and tell you how the submission process works.


Ensure your app is in great shape before, during and after launch.

Test Apps

Create versions of your production apps for development, testing, staging and QA.

Test Users

Create and manage test user accounts and use them to make Graph API calls.

Tools for Businesses

Manage apps your business owns

Business Mapping API

Correlate a person's IDs across the multiple apps your business owns.

Cross-app promotion

Help people discover your other apps by surfacing the friends who use them.