Submission Guide

Use this guide to help you create an App Review submission once you have completed all app development and need to request approval for specific Permissions and Features. After you receive your App Review results, any app user will be able to grant your app any Permissions for which you have been approved.

Before You Start

You will need:

  • A 1024x1024 compliant app icon image, uploaded to Settings > Basic > App Icon.
  • Screen recordings of your app using each Permission and Feature that you will be requesting.
  • Test User credentials. Our reviewers will try and test your app using their own (in-house) test user accounts. If your app needs to be tested with a special user account or Test User, however, you must include the test user's credentials in your submission.

Also, we highly recommend that you read the following topics to improve the quality of your submission:

  • The Allowed Usage section in the reference for each Permission and Feature that you will be requesting. If your app does not meet a Permission's or Feature's usage requirement, that Permission or Feature will be rejected.
  • Our Facebook Platform Terms and Developer Policies to ensure your app adheres to our guidelines.
  • Our Developer Partner FAQ for frequently asked questions regarding policy violations and App Review.
  • Our Common Mistakes guide, so you can avoid common mistakes that first-time App Review participants make.
  • Our Screen Recordings guide, so you can confirm that your recordings have captured what we expect to see.

Step 1: Select Permissions and Features

Go to the App Review > Permissions and Features tab.

Request each of the Permissions and Features that your app needs by searching for them individually and clicking their Request button to add them to your submission. Only request the Permissions and Features that your app needs. Once you're ready, click the Continue the Request button.

Step 2: Complete App Verification

Scroll down to the Complete App Verification section and click anywhere in the row. This will display the App Verification Details window. If app users can sign into your app using Facebook Login or any of our authentication solutions, set the radio button to Yes. This lets our reviewers know that they can access your app using a Facebook account.

In the Platform Settings section, confirm that the information displayed is correct, and in the space provided, describe how we can access your app in order to test it.

If you have created Test Users and want us to use them when testing your app, include their credentials in your description. Do not include your personal Facebook account's credentials.

Step 3: Complete Usage Descriptions

Scroll down to the Requested Permissions and Features section and click on the first Permission or Feature in the row. In the window that appears, describe how your app uses data that the Permission or Feature provides access to.

Be as specific as possible with your description. If you're having difficulty describing why your app needs the Permission or Feature, try answering these questions:

  • How does this permission/feature help my app users?
  • Why does my app need this permission/feature?
  • How does my app use the data that this permission/feature provides access to?
  • Why would my app app be less useful if it did not have this permission/feature?

Next, if required, upload your screen recording showing your app using this Permission or Feature. If you've already uploaded a screen recording that shows this, you will be able to select it here.

Repeat Step 3 for every Permission and Feature that you are requesting.

Step 4: Complete App Settings

Scroll down to the Complete App Settings section and click anywhere in the row. The window that appears displays required settings that can be found in the Settings > Basic tab, so these may already be complete. If they are, just confirm that everything is correct or make adjustments as needed. If any are incomplete, set them here.

App Icon

Make sure your App Icon does not include any our trademarks or logos.

Privacy Policy URL

This is the URL that we present to app users in the Facebook Login interface so they can decide whether or not to grant your app any Permissions it is requesting.

Business Use

Set this to Support my own business if your app is only available to people who have a Role on your app, or a role in a Business that has claimed your app. Otherwise set it to Provide services to other businesses.

App Category

Make sure to select a category that accurately describes your app.

Primary Contact

Make sure you have access to the email account displayed here. Email notifications pertaining to your App Review submission will be sent to this address.

Step 5: Submit For Review

Click Submit for Review and agree to our Platform Onboarding Terms in the window that appears. Once you accept the terms and submit, your submission will be queued and you should receive a decision within a week.

Apps in Live Mode can only be granted permissions that have been approved through the App Review process. If you switch your app to Live Mode before it has undergone App Review for a given Permission, app users will not be able to grant your app that Permission until it has been approved. This restriction applies to all app users, even those with a Role on the app or Business.