Ongoing Compliance Checks

To keep the Facebook platform and community safe, and in accordance with our Platform Terms, we periodically review apps for compliance by evaluating how your app is using its current Developer Products including permissions and features, the user experience and data use, among others. Oftentimes, these reviews occur behind the scenes and no action is required.

There are instances where a reviewer will reach out to the app contact email on file and request information which help us understand how users log into your app, how your app uses its current permissions and how to test each of your app’s integration with Facebook developer products. Our review team’s questions will be similar to those covered in App Review.

Since this is designed to help us experience your app as an end user, we may at times ask that you upload a screencast of your app similar to App Review, or schedule a live walk-through with a reviewer.

These reviews could occur at any time. To ensure you receive notifications of these requirements, here are a few settings to check:

  • Check that the contact email is accurate and the notification settings are updated to receive these communications from Facebook.

  • Check that the list of app admins is up to date in the app dashboard > Roles.

  • Remove any permissions from apps in the App Review tab, or apps that you no longer need. Carefully assess whether or not you need the app as this action may be difficult to reverse. To remove an app, go to app dashboard > settings > advanced.

If you receive a request for more information regarding your app from a reviewer, please respond to the email as soon as possible to prevent any disruptions to your app.