Facebook App Event Tracking Guides

Guides to help you perform common actions to track events that users make in your app or web page.

Advanced Matching

The Advanced Matching Guide explains how to send customer data to Facebook to match with Facebook user data.

Codeless App Event Tracking

The Codeless App Event Tracking Guide explains how to use the Events Manager to add or remove app events without implementing code or releasing a new version of your app.

Collaborative Ads Event Tracking

The Tracking App Events for Collaborative Ads guides explain how you can track events for collaborative ads for Android and iOS apps.

GDPR Compliance

The GDPR Compliance Guide explains how to implement consent mechanisms to meet the legal obligations under EU data protection law and our Business Tools Terms.

Hybrid Mobile Apps Event Tracking

The Tracking Events from Hybrid Mobile Apps Guide explains how to use app events for a native Android or iOS web app by converting Facebook pixel events into app events.

SDK Upgrade Guide

The Upgrade Guide explains how to upgrade your mobile app to the latest version of the Facebook SDK.