Automatic App Event Logging

When you use the versions of the Facebook SDK listed below, events related to user interaction with your app are collected automatically.

This applies to the following Facebook SDKs:

  • Facebook SDK for Android v4.27 (and higher)
  • Facebook SDK for iOS v4.19 (and higher)
  • Facebook SDK for Unity v7.11 (and higher)

For Android, call callbackManager.onActivityResult to pass the login results to the callbackManager. iOS does not require any code to collect events.

Automatically Collected Events

The following events are automatically collected.


App Install

The app install event is triggered the first time a new user activates an app. It is the same as the first app launch event for the app on a particular device.

This event cannot be disabled.

App Launch

The app launch event is triggered when the Facebook SDK is initialized. This happens for each application session.

In-app Purchase

The purchase event is triggered when a purchase has been completed. This event is automatically logged in new apps created after October 4, 2017. For apps created before that date, enable in-app purchase events in Settings in the app dashboard.

Remove all manually logged in-app purchases if you automatically enable logging of in-app purchases to avoid logging duplicate events.

Android: Call callbackManager.onActivityResult to pass the login results to the callbackManager. To enable in-app purchases logging in the Facebook SDK for Unity, enable Codeless IAP.

Disabling Automatic App Event Logging

If you do not want the Facebook SDK to collect app events automatically, you can disable automatic logging. If you have disabled automatic logging but still want to log specific events for Facebook Analytics, you must manually implement logging for these events in your app.