Troubleshooting App Ads

First, go to your Analytics for Apps page: Analytics for Apps.

Then, click "Mobile App Installs” from the left-hand navigation, and check your last install reported to confirm proper installation of the SDK. Note that this dashboard shows both paid and organic. In addition, you can check the App Dashboard - after choosing your app, there is a time stamp 'Last Mobile Install Reported" for iOS and Android so that you can confirm that an install is being reported.

Please go to the App Dashboard and select the app you are trying to create an ad for.

If you do not see the app you are trying to advertise, please ensure you are listed as an admin on your app or that your developers have associated your ad account with the app.

First, click "Settings" on the left-hand navigation.

Go to the app ads helper and select the app you are trying to check.

This helper will check which platforms your app is set up for, if anyone has installed your app, and if you've had any installs (paid or organic) in the last 7 days.