Get specific about who you’d like to reach with your Facebook Ads. You can target people in many ways, including:

  • Location: Reach people in the areas where your app is available. You can target people at the country level or local level like cities.
  • Demographics: Choose the audience for your ad based on demographics like age, gender, education and more. For example, you can create different ads to appeal to people who just got engaged or parents.
  • Interests: Reach people based on their interests and activities on Facebook. For example, if your app is selling flights, you can reach people who are interested in traveling or hotels.
  • Behaviors: Find people based on their purchase behaviors, the devices they use and other activities. For example, you can reach people who are gamers or who use a specific type of phone.

Video Tutorial

Watch our video tutorial on how to choose your ad audience on Facebook for Business.

Video: Choose Your Ad Audience

Special Targeting Options for Mobile Apps

  1. Platform: Android, iOS or Amazon App Store
  2. OS versions.
  3. Devices: Within Android and iOS, you can also select the specific device model you are interested in reaching.
  4. WiFi-only: If you are interested in reaching devices that have WiFi only connection.

You can add further targeting options to reach people in the demographic, interest, and broad category groups that are relevant to your app. These targeting options are also available via the API.