Bring People Back to Your App

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You might normally think of ads as a way to grow your audience, but you can also use Facebook mobile app ads to bring people back to your app. For example, you might want to run an app ad targeting people who downloaded your app but haven’t logged in within the last 90 days.

Why is this Important?

Running a successful app is not only about growing it, but also about keeping your audience. People can be re-engaged by timely reminders about the value they’re missing.


First, you need to integrate the Facebook SDK for Android or iOS into your app.

Step by Step Guide: Targeting Inactive Users

1. Integrate the Facebook SDK into your app.

Follow our guide on how to use the Facebook SDK for App Ads. This will enable your app to measure every install made and also give you information about where the install is coming from; for example, a Facebook ad.

2. Learn About Creating App Ads

Follow our Creating App Ads guide to learn how to create app ads. Once familiar with the ad format and process, continue with this guide.

3. Create an Ad with a Custom Audience

Let's say you want to target people who have previously used your app but haven't opened it within the last 90 days. This kind of target audience is called a Custom Audience. To create it:

  1. Start creating an ad.
  2. In Audience in Create New Audience, choose Create New, then choose Custom Audience.

4. Target Audience by App Activity

In Create a Custom Audience, choose App Activity. In the following form:

  1. In Add People to Your Audience, choose All, and then choose your app. Choose Anyone who opened the app, and enter 180. The number 180 is used here because it's the maximum number allowed.
  2. For Action not Taken, choose "App Launches".
  3. Choose Exclude People.
  4. Under Exclude people who meet any of the following criteria, choose your app, choose Anyone who opened the app, and enter 90.
  5. In Name Your Audience, enter a name for this custom audience.

5. Choose Create Audience and complete the ad creation process as usual.

The ad will only be delivered to your custom audience.

Tweak Your Custom Audiences

Use the Audience Definition tool to see how many people fall into your chosen targeting segment, and make changes as needed.

The tool will tell you whether your audience is:

Audience Definition Color Recommendation Example

Too specific


Increase the value for in the last x days.

Too broad


Make use of other audience filters like location or demographics (see Targeting Essentials).

Just right


Go ahead!