Targeting and Custom Audiences

Create AdVerify Your App Ads Setup

Targeting Essentials

Learn how to target people by platform, interests, age and other demographics or connections to Pages and apps.

Bring People back to your App

Identify people who downloaded your app but didn't come back recently.

Targeting by App Activity

Create a Custom Audience targeting people who have previously used your app, for example all people who didn't come back to your app recently.

Targeting via Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences allow advertisers to target more people who look like their established customers.

Targeting by Customer List

Create a Custom Audience targeting people you know about from other sources, for example your newsletter subscribers.

Customer List with Mobile Advertiser IDs

You can use Apple's and Android's Advertising Identifier or Facebook User IDs - called mobile advertiser IDs - to create customer lists.