Best Practices for App Ads

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We know how important it is to run successful advertising campaigns. In order to ensure your campaigns on Facebook are performing optimally here are some best practices to consider when running App Ads on Facebook.

Understand your objectives

Determine your campaign objectives (i.e. app installs or app engagement) and identifty your KPIs.


Targeting is a key step when running Mobile Installs Ads on Facebook. We recommend that you define a target audience for each campaign that is over 100K people so that you can quickly identify what is working and what is not.

Know the exact type of category of people you feel best suited for your app. Once you understand that then use Broad category and Precise Interest targeting to reach your specified group of individuals. For example, you can target people who like ‘Running’ (Broad category) and who like a particular sports apparel brand (Precise Interest). With Lookalike Audiences you may also use your existing audience segments to identify new groups and expand hyper-targeting across more groups.

Here are other targeting parameters that you should consider when building your ad campaigns:

  • Standard Demographics:
  • Age
  • Geo
  • Device level (iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, etc.)
  • OS (iOS6, JellyBean, etc.)
  • Interest Based Targeting:
  • Precise Interests
  • Broad Categories
  • Partner Categories
  • Similar Apps
  • Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences:
  • Custom Audiences: Reach the people you already know
  • Lookalike Audiences: Find more people like your best customers


Continuously testing is crucial as you setup your campaigns. You want to fully understand which ad specs work best for the audience you desire to reach and which ad create performs the best. In order to do so, you should create multiple ad campaigns and identify which works best and why and then continue to optimize from there. For example you can determine if a certain ad creative receives the most clicks or a specific targeting group gets the most reach by testing different combinations of campaigns and can then scale your campaigns from there.

Here are some simple items you should always be testing:

  • Ad Creative
  • Ad copy
  • Targeting parameters

Ads creative

There are a number of considerations when developing your ad creative as you launch your campaigns. Here are some that you should focus on as you start your designs:

  • Clear call to action – Make sure it is clear what action you want people to take and that people understand where they are being sent.
  • Use devices – Make your ads feel like the true experience by showcasing your app within devices.
  • Demonstrate value with key numbers
  • Develop creative that speaks towards the app content and what your app does
  • Offer any promotions if applicable
  • More visual than text heavy
  • Test your creative

Measure Measure Measure

Measuring the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and the activity of your app is a must do to gauge success. As we mentioned earlier measuring all your campaigns to identify which works best and why will help inform your overall advertising strategy for your campaigns. But you should take it one step further to understand the activity going on within your app. For example, you should use App Events to understand how many people have made purchases, reached a certain stage or completed a specific action within your app. Understanding these key metrics can then help you make smart decisions about your overall app strategy and even your advertising strategy as you better understand the makeup of your users.

Understand your bidding options

Use Optimized CPM (oCPM) bidding when starting out your campaigns to achieve the best results for your app ads. oCPM leverages Facebook’s propriety algorithm to optimize all your campaigns for you. By using oCPM you can optimize for audiences most likely to install your app and you will pay for the impression. oCPM bidding also allows you to simplify campaign management so that you can focus on other key strategies for your app.

Time your promotions with your app’s content

If you are releasing new content within your app or promoting a sale, try and time your advertising in conjunction with your app content strategies to maximize your overall impact. These are the ideal times to funnel as many people into your app to expose users to new content or app campaigns that you are launching in parallel to drive the best overall results.

Scale your campaigns

Once you have accomplished all of the above then you should consider scaling your campaigns globally to expand your reach. By using the tactics above you can understand what additional countries you might want to target to grow your app user base. Also leverage our Facebook Marketing Partner Program and Mobile Measurement Partners to receive additional guidance to scale with deeper expertise.

Best Practices on creating Facebook Pages for your app

Mobile app adds now require you to connect your ads to a Facebook Page, giving you another outlet to engage and connect with all the people that use and like your app. For instance, you can communicate app updates, promotions for new features, and even special app deals with your community of app users. Facebook Pages allow you to build a strong relationship with your users and also enhance your brand reputation for your app. Since we understand the added value of Facebook Pages, we want to share some tips with you from a partner who has successfully developed and leveraged their app's Facebook Page.

Below are some best practices from our partner, Supercell, on how to best leverage Facebook pages for your apps.

Create Engaging Content

  • Develop content for fans that interests them in order to better engage with them. By developing new, fresh and engaging content you develop a positive brand association with your fans. Good examples are videos, images, and interesting stories.
  • Foster a community for fans to post engaging content. Request fan participation through contests, challenges and polls.
  • Upload your Page with new profile pictures that relate to the latest updates from your app or brand

Stay Active

  • Fans of your Page expect you to be there 24/7 to answer their questions, hear their feedback or listen to their complaints. Facebook Page is a great way to interact with your fans and provide a line of communication to improve your product and/or brand.
  • Create wall posts regularly on your Page to keep your fans engaged. While there is no set rule for how frequently you should post, try to avoid an extended period of time without any posts.
  • Reply to fan comments as needed to let your fans know you are listening to their comments and feedback.

Respect your fans

  • By respecting your fans you will earn the respect and trust of your product/service.
  • Create content that is catered towards all your fans, not just one specific demographic.

When developing your Facebook page for your ads, try to take these best practices into consideration to best engage your audience.