Mobile Measurement Partners

Work with our partners to get deeper insights or measure across several ad networks.

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What Makes Measurement Partners Different?

Measurement Partners have access to the same technology that the Facebook SDK uses. This means that they can track your Facebook ad performance without needing to tag your ads with deeplinks or tagging parameters. We provide Measurement Partners with access to attribution data that enables them to more accurately attribute your Facebook ad performance.

The data they receive accounts for cross-device behavior, outcomes that were not proceeded by a click, and the ad interaction time which allows for deduplication of attribution claims. This data is reserved only for our mobile measurement partners and cannot be accessed by non badged measurement providers.

When should you work with a Mobile Measurement Partner?

Consider working with a Mobile Measurement Partner if you want to:

  • Get deeper insights about your campaign performance
  • Measure aggregated across several ad networks

Mobile Measurement Partners provide performance metrics like:

  • Attribution
  • Lifetime value
  • Downstream conversions
  • ROI
  • Analysis across acquisition channels

What Makes Measurement Partners Different

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