Measure Using the Ads Manager

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You can go to Ads Manager to see how your ads are performing, make changes to your ads, update your payment information, control your settings, and more.

- Performance Reports

- Audience Reports

- Placement Reports

- In-App Conversion Reports

Ads Manager

Performance Reports

  • Delivery: Tells whether your campaign, ad set or ad is currently running.
  • Results: The number of actions as a result of your ad. The results you see here are based on your objective.
  • Reach: The number of people your ad was shown to.
  • Cost: The average amount you paid for each action associated with your objective.
  • Budget: The maximum amount you're willing to spend on each campaign.
  • Amount Spent: The total amount you have spent during the time period you selected in Ads Manager.

Audience Reports

In the Audience view, you can compare engagement, amount spent, reach, and impressions by gender and age.

Placement Reports

If you book a desktop app, you can run your ad both in the News Feed and Right Column. In the Placement view, you can see a breakdown by engagement, amount spent, reach, and impressions.

In-App Conversion Reports

You can review the count and value of in-app conversions for each of your ads and campaigns using the Ads Manager. If you offer in-app purchases, you can use these figures to calculate your ROI and optimize your ad spending.

To use these reports, you need to add the Facebook SDK to your app and set up App Events to record actions taken within your app.

In the Ads Manager, select your ad or campaign. Click the button Columns: Performance in the table header and choose Customize Columns.

Select Apps to show only options relevant for Ads for Apps, then select your metrics; for example, Mobile App Adds To Cart or Mobile App Purchases. Use the list on the right to arrange the order of the columns. Click Apply.