How to Create a Video Ad

1. Prepare Video

You can use video to promote your mobile or desktop app. You video file must meet these requirements:

  • File size: up to 1 GB
  • Format: .MOV & .MP4 files
  • Resolution: at least 720p
  • Aspect ratio: at least 16:9

2. Create new Ad

You can use video both in Install ads and Engagement ads.

Create Ad

3. Upload Video

When creating your new ad, at the step Select the images or videos you want to use, upload a video instead of an image.

4. Preview Image

Once your video is uploaded, we'll start processing the video, which includes converting into optimized formats for mobile displays and creating thumbnail images. Select one of the thumbnails to be used as video preview image, or upload a custom preview image.

5. Complete your Ad

Complete the ad creation process as usual.

Tip: You can also add deep links to your video ad and use videos in Engagement Ads.

Best Practices


Take advantage of auto-play to immediately engage your audience. To guarantee autoplay eligibility, don't bid CPC or oCPM for Clicks.

Keep It Short

Use 15 - 30 second video clips.

Feature the Best Parts

Grab people's attention by featuring the best parts of your app; for example, game play, featured characters, or product sales. Use action sequences with special effects, slow motion, zoom ins, freeze-frames, etc.

Design for Audio Off

People often use devices with the sound turned down, and many people have hearing impairment. Make sure your video works both with and without sound. Use music rather than voiceovers. Provide text overlays to convey your message. Your video should make sense at low or zero sound volume.

Don't Infinitely Regress

Avoid showing mobile devices in the video.

Last Frame

Your last frame should have a lasting effect. Make sure it resonates with your audience and invites deeper action to download your app. Use the call-to-action unit to really drive the point home.