Ad Formats for Desktop Apps

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Desktop App Install Ads

With desktop app install ads, you will be able reach people at scale and drive installs where they are most engaged, in News Feed, in addition to the right hand column.


Your ads will attract attention with a strong call to action, Play Now, or Use Now and a large engaging image. Each user that clicks your ad and accepts your app's permission prompt will be counted as an install, allowing you to measure and optimize your ads based on installs.

You will be able to drive installs to your desktop apps through our Ads Create Tool, which is great for people who are new to running ads with Facebook, Ads Manager, which is optimal for large volume campaigns, or by working with a PMD, who are experts in scaling and optimizing ad campaigns.

Desktop App Engagement Ads

With desktop app engagement ads, you are able to reach your existing players, in News Feed, in addition to the right hand column. These ads also have strong calls to action, "Play Now," or "Use Now" and a large engaging image. Users that click your ad will be brought back into your app to play and pay again.

Top Eleven - Be A Football Manager used desktop app engagement ads and realized 300-400% ROI in their campaigns to bring back past payers.

You will be able to reengage your players also through our Ads Create Tool, Ads Manager, or by working with a PMD.

Desktop App Ads for Virtual Goods

As part of desktop app engagement ads, you can also use virtual good promotions and sales to to convert players into payers, or reengage and build loyalty with existing payers. Using desktop app ads for virtual goods, you can choose to promote a set of your in-game currency or a virtual good at a discount, and people on Facebook will see this ad and be able to purchase the promotion right there in News Feed or in the Right Hand Column.

This type of ad uses calls to action "Buy Now" or "Get Offer" and allows the user to purchase the item or currency and return to your app to play and use it immediately. Note that "Get Offer" can only be used if you are promoting a discounted virtual good or set of currency.

Please note: In order to accept these payments and reengage your players, your app has to be properly configured and your server should be prepared to fulfill the orders. Please see our payment documentation to learn more.

To create a desktop app ad for virtual good, use the "App Engagement" objective, and choose either Buy Now or Get Offer as your call to action. You will be prompted to provide a Virtual Good Link which is the Open Graph link for the item or currency you wish to promote - you may need to ask your developer for this.

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