Facebook SDK for Android

Helps you build engaging social apps and get more installs.

Includes Account Kit and Facebook packages. Requires Android API 15.

v4.27.0 See Change Log or Upgrade Guide.

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In Android SDK


People can easily sign in to your app with their Facebook login.

Account Kit

People can login in to your app by using just their phone number or email address — no password or Facebook account needed.


People using your app can share or send a message to Facebook. People can also like content in your app or share Custom Stories with Open Graph

Graph API

Get data in and out of Facebook's social graph. Query data, post new stories, upload photos, and more.

App Links

Link posts, stories and requests shared from your app back to your app. Handle links and send people to relevant parts of your app.

App Invites

People can send invites to friends from your app.

App Events

Understand people's actions in your app and measure the effectiveness of Mobile App Ads.


Reach people where they are most engaged in News Feed. Drive installs with Mobile App Install Ads. Increase engagement with Mobile App Engagement Ads.

Audience Network

The Audience Network allows you to monetize your Android apps with Facebook ads. See Adding Ad Banners, Full-Screen Ads in Android and Native Ad API in Android.

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