Debugging App Events

This topic gives you some tips to ensure that you are logging your events effectively to ensure that Facebook Analytics processes your events.

  • Debugging Tools - the tools to see what events are passed to Facebook Analytics.
  • Missing Events - what to do when you event dashboard is missing events.
  • Collecting the Right Data - what to do when events appear in dashboard but not the right Value To Sum or parameter values.

Debugging Tools

ProductDebugging Tools

Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel Helper

Facebook SDK for Android

Events Manager

Event Debugging

Facebook SDK for iOS

Events Manager

Event Debugging

Facebook SDK for JavaScript

Events Manager

Event Debugging

Facebook Pixel Helper

Use the Facebook Pixel Helper in your Chrome browser to validate your Facebook Pixel implementation. The Facebook Pixel Helper allows you to see the events sent by your web page that implements Facebook Pixels.

For more information, see the documentation.

Events Manager

Use the Events Manager to see only the events that you send. The Events Manager is especially useful if several users have installed your app and you only want to see the events you send.

To open the Events Manager, go to and choose your app.

Missing Events

If you do not see new app events in the dashboard, try the following:

  • Install the latest version of the Facebook SDK.
  • Check your app event function for the correct syntax. You can use the App Event Builder to generate your app event code.
  • Check that the function implementing the app event executes correctly.
  • Check that the names of app events and parameters are between 2 and 40 characters and must consist of alphanumeric characters, underscores (_), or spaces. The parameter value must be less than 100 characters.


  • Use the correct strings.xml or AndroidManifest.xml files.
  • Use the correct Development and Release key hashes.
  • Use the correct import statements.

iOS Swift

  • Use the correct AppDelegate.swift file * Use the correct information property list file.
  • Check that your code for the correct import statements.
  • Check that the AppEventsLogger.activate(application) statement is in the applicationDidBecomeActive function


  • Check that you set the fbAsyncInit property and then call a function.

Collecting the Right Data

If you have confirmed that your app is sending data to Facebook Analytics but the events in the dashboard are not displaying the right data, you can check the following:

  • Check the syntax of your app event to ensure you are using the correct event name and are sending the correct Value to Sum and parameter values. You can use the App Event Builder to generate the code for your app event.
  • Check that your app event is passing the correct parameter values.

Remove unused events or events that record deprecated features to make the log easier to review.