Offline Analytics (beta)

What is Offline Conversion?

With Facebook's Offline Conversion API, you can send Offline Conversion events by creating an “Offline Event Set” associated with a business and uploading events to it.

See the Offline Conversion API documentation for requirements, the Event Upload API Flow, how to view stats, etc.

Facebook Analytics for Offline Conversions

Offline Conversion Analytics enables you to do advanced analysis, creating omni-channel funnels between Offline Conversion data and other assets of your business like apps, bots, website, etc.

Data from users that match a Facebook User ID will be shown in Facebook Analytics while data from unmatched users will not be shown.

You can see a unified analytics picture by combining analytics from all of your properties (offline, apps, Pixel, and Pages) into an Event Source Group. You can create an Event Source Group in Facebook Analytics.


  • If you have the permissions to view Offline Conversion Datasets, you will be able to view insights for the same.
  • If you have the permissions to edit Offline Conversion Datasets, you will be able to save Funnels/Cohorts/Breakdowns. You will also be able to see restricted data like “Purchases”.
  • The admin can allow anybody with view permissions to see restricted data.

Base Event

The base event for the Offline channel is fb_offline_purchase, which is displayed in the Revenue section and treated in the same way as fb_mobile_purchase.

Events that are covered

The standard events that are tracked are in the Standard and Custom Events section of the Pixel Events - Facebook Tag API page.