Facebook Analytics: Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don't need to use Facebook Login. You just need to log app events in order to see metrics about your app. If you're using Facebook Login, you can view additional metrics about your login integration in the Facebook Platform > Login section.

No, Facebook Analytics shows data for everyone using your app, not just the people using Facebook Login. Learn how to set up Facebook Analytics in the Analytics Quick Start Guide.

For recommendations regarding which events to include in various types of apps, see the App Events Best Practices Guide.

  • If you recently added the ability to log app events through the SDK, people will need to upgrade to a version of your app that contains this updated code. As people upgrade to the latest version of your app, your app event data in Facebook Analytics will begin to match your internal figures.

  • One way to validate the data is to only look at internal data coming from people who have upgraded to versions of your app that send App events. You should also verify that you're not conditionally sending app events—this will result in an incomplete count.

  • If you're using a mobile measurement partner (MMP), ask them to verify your app events integration.

  • If you're using both an MMP and the Facebook SDK to log app events, this can result in double-counting.

  • Verify that app events are being logged at the right time in your app. For example, if you're comparing purchase events, make sure that the purchase event is being logged when you're confident the purchase event has actually occurred—as opposed to the point at which a person clicks on a "purchase" button.

Some common causes for inaccurate totals or values per event are:

  • Placing the decimal in the wrong place
  • Passing inaccurate currency data or failing to pass a currency parameter for monetary amounts
  • Passing the wrong value for a specific transaction
  • Hard coding conversion values instead of passing the actual value

You need to use the valueToSum parameter to log any numerical values that you'd like to see aggregated as a value in Facebook Analytics. See the App Events docs to learn how to log valueToSum for your specific platform.

  • Facebook Ad: The event you're exploring occurred due to a Facebook ad.
  • Facebook Organic: The event occurred due to a Facebook story that included a link to your app.
  • Other Sources: The event either occurred organically or as a result of non-Facebook paid advertising.
  • Instagram Ad: The event occurred due to a mobile app ad on Instagram published on or after November 19, 2015, 12:00 AM Pacific Time. Instagram ads published before this date are classified as Facebook Ads.
  • Audience Network: The event occurred due to an app ad on Facebook's Audience Network published on or after January 6, 2016 12:00 AM Pacific Time. Audience Network ads published before this date are classified as Facebook Ads.

There are some differences in how Ads Manager and Facebook Analytics report metrics for ad campaigns. Learn more.

To view analytics for only your Messenger bot, create a new filter, then customize it in Facebook Analytics on the web:

  1. Click used a particular app or device, then select Channel.
  2. Click Is, then type or select Messenger.
  3. Click and select Save Filter, then name your filter and click Save Filter to confirm. You can also click away from the filter to preview without saving.

Note: Not all roles can save filters. Even if you can't save the filter you created, you can still share it.

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Analytics Reports

The Facebook Analytics email report gives you a quick overview helping you see highlights of your app activity and better understand the people using your app. Email frequency may vary between weekly and monthly, as we're testing the benefits of each option.

To unsubscribe from email reports, click unsubscribe here at the bottom of the email, and change your preferences under Developer Updates.

Alternatively, you can access your email controls directly from your developer settings.

For more information on your Facebook Analytics reports, visit our help center.


If you're using version 3.19.0 or earlier of the Facebook SDK for Android, there's an issue with counting all app installs.

To avoid this problem, we recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of the Facebook SDK for Android. Use this guide to get started quickly.

Note: This issue doesn't affect measurement of any Facebook ad campaigns you might be running, but it does affect app install metrics in Facebook Analytics.