Requirements for Advertising Providers for Canvas Apps


As a valued part of the Facebook Platform ecosystem, we are glad to be working closely with you to foster a better advertising experience for users across the platform. In order to accomplish this we have outlined several items within the Platform Terms for Advertising Providers that you are asked to provide to Facebook. Below we have outlined how you should provide access to the ads you run within applications and also the metrics that you should deliver to Facebook.


By providing Facebook with access to the ads you run within applications we hope that this helps ensure a positive user experience and that this feedback loop helps facilitate a better understanding of Facebook's Advertising Guidelines across all parties. As of January 16, 2012, we require all approved ad networks to use Media Scanner by The Media Trust to provide review access by Facebook. Please contact The Media Trust for more details.

  • Login
    • Optional - Determined by the ad provider if they wish to restrict access behind a login
  • Layout
    • Ad/offers in an easily viewable format
    • Offers in a single column layout
    • Display ads in one or two column layout
  • Content
    • Ads/offers displayed exactly the same as Facebook users view them
    • All ads/offers displayed to users appear in the tool
    • Selector at the top of the page if both ads and offers are available
  • Feedback
    • Feedback mechanism next to or on each individual ad/offer. An acceptable example includes a "flag this ad" button with a text field an FB employee can input a reason for flagging that submits a form.
    • Feedback mechanism CANNOT include any way to confirm or approve an individual ad/offer
    • An email should be sent to with a copy of what was flagged by Facebook and the feedback submitted by Facebook to the ad provider. This can be a single email for each ad flagged or a daily or weekly digest of all activity.
  • Targeting
    • All ads/offers regarding of targeting criteria are visible
    • A dropdown menu for filtering by country or other geo-location targeting criteria
      • An option to "view all"
    • A dropdown menu for any additional targeting criteria if the targeting criteria could otherwise restrict the viewer from viewing the ads/offers
      • All targeted ads/offers are viewable by Facebook regardless of targeting
  • Landing Pages
    • All ads/offers are clickable and the viewer is taken to the actual landing page
    • If the landing page is not viewable in a particular region/country the ad/offer should not be shown to the user


For the time being we have only a short list of metrics that we ask you to send to Facebook. We hope that this will help inform us on user sentiment. All metrics should be reported on a bi-weekly basis for the two week period prior. Facebook will keep all metrics confidential and will not distribute to other parties.

  • Total number of complaints received
  • Number of unique ads flagged / Overall number of unique ads served
  • Percentage of flagged ads acted upon