Account Kit FAQ for developers

This document covers many of the more common questions developers ask when integrating Account Kit.

We announced on our blog our plan to deprecate Account Kit on September 9, 2019. As part of that announcement, Account Kit stopped integrating with new apps.

We’ve decided it’s time to close down Account Kit. After years of evolving, the product has yielded high maintenance costs, but relatively low adoption. We feel that the time and effort going into this product is better used on creating or evolving other products. We understand this is a disruptive change, and want to help with this transition in any way that we can. So we will phase the deprecation in a way that allows current apps to retain access to the product until March 2020. In December 2019, we will impose a daily SMS limit (1,000 messages per app ID per day). Account Kit data for apps we remove from the service will be retrievable for 90 days post-deprecation.

We plan to deprecate Account Kit on March 9, 2020. Note that data retrieval for apps we remove from the service will be available for 90 days after deprecation.

We will impose a daily SMS limit on December 9, 2019 (maximum of 1,000 messages per app ID per day). We have also made data retrieval available for active apps, and for 90 days after deprecation for apps that do not terminate their use of Account Kit prior to March 9, 2020.

See Removing Account Kit From Your App and Retrieving Your User Data. Note that when you initiate this change, your data will only be available for 30 days before being deleted from our system.

If Facebook removes your app from service on March 9, 2020, you can retrieve your data for 90 days. If you choose to remove your app from Account Kit earlier, your data will only be available for 30 days before being deleted from our system.

Through the lifetime of the product (ending in March 2020).

We do not expose how each phone number is verified. However, we will expose the data in aggregate in Facebook Analytics.

Account Kit is supported for iOS, Android, and web.

For web, Account Kit isn't supported for Internet Explorer (IE) versions 7, 8 or 9. Please update IE to version 10 or higher to use Account Kit. Account Kit is supported on IE 10+, Edge, Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Safari.

You can get more information for an error by setting the debug flag of the init method to true.

To make it easy for developers using Account Kit, we will not institute any SMS charges through August 2018. At that point, standard SMS rates may apply for apps exceeding 100,000 SMS confirmation messages per month. For FbStart apps, our program for early-stage mobile startups, we will not institute any Account Kit SMS charges indefinitely. Learn how to apply by going to the FbStart application page.

Reading the phone state is SIM-card dependent, and might not work if the SIM is rooted. We are currently investigating this issue.

To prevent spam calls, Account Kit limits the number of calls to a specific phone number within a period of time. If you're a developer testing your app, you can avoid this restriction by using your own phone number for testing and taking the following actions:

  • Make sure that you are listed as the administrator, developer, or tester for your app in the Roles section of the App Dashboard.

To test instant verification, you also need the following:

  • Make sure that the phone number you are using for testing is the verified number in your personal Facebook profile.

Request a new SMS if the initial one did not work. If the problem persists, this is most likely due to an encoding issue.

For certain countries and languages, the SMS is split between separate messages instead of being contained in a single message. We are currently investigating this issue.

Note that auto-filling confirmation codes for SMS is supported only in Android. iOS does not support auto-filling SMS codes.

Yes, the login dialog will be shown in an iframe when the login request comes from a WebView in the Facebook app.

The text for the login UI and the received SMS are not meant to be customizable for the reasons listed below:

  • We need to make sure that AccountKit is legally compliant as a product and a service
  • We need to be able to parse the received SMS so that we can auto-fill the confirmation code
  • We provide full localization for both the login UI and the SMS message. If the text were customizable, we would not be able to provide this localization.

In majority of the cases, SMS delivery will arrive within a few seconds. In some other cases, an SMS could be delayed due to routing issues or regional issues in the end users' locale.

Facebook is using different encodings of SMS to ensure the best possible experience for our users, using different locales where possible. There might be cases where mobile operators do not support specific encoding, which could cause such problems with unreadable message text. Please let us know if this is happening so we can resolve the issue.

If the image you specified for the accountKitBackground in your custom theme is not showing, check the value for your accountKitBackgroundColor. This must be either partially or completely transparent (alpha < 1.0). If you use an opaque color for accountKitBackgroundColor, it will hide your background image.