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Developer Circles leads play a critical role in supporting their local developer communities. Here, you can learn how our leads manage their circles and provide valuable experiences for their members. Leads come from all walks of life, but are grounded in a shared passion for technology, a strong track record in technical skills and a commitment to developer mentorship.

A unique leadership opportunity

Developer Circles leads are part of a global network of organizers responsible for supporting and growing vibrant local communities of developers, coders, software engineers, and more. Our mission is to help people to learn, collaborate and thrive, and we can't accomplish that without the help of our inspiring leads.

Steering an online community can help you grow as technology evangelist and develop your skills as a mentor. Take a look at the frequently asked questions below to learn more about stepping up as a leader of your local developer ecosystem.

Apply to lead a circle


How does Facebook select Developer Circles leads?

People can apply to start a Developer Circle and become a lead at developers.facebook.com/developercircles. Facebook will evaluate applications and select leads based on several factors including local developer community involvement and answers to our application questions, such as why they think they'd make a great lead, and what they think their community would be most interested in if they were to start a local Developer Circle.

Do leads need to have built with Facebook's developer tools / be an active Facebook developer partner to become a lead?

No. The program is open to any type of developer whether they have used our products or platform or not. By joining a circle, developers will of course have access to trainings, docs and resources to begin using Facebook products and building on our platform.

How do I notify Facebook about an upcoming event?

You can let us know about your upcoming Developer Circles event via the Direct Support tool. Please notify us 2-3 weeks before the event. Reference the "Hosting An Event" section in the Starter Kit & How to Use Direct Support for specific details about using the tool.

Do I have to build engagement in Facebook groups even if I host events frequently?

Yes, the online component to Developer Circles allows members to communicate and collaborate from wherever they are and keep the community active between meet-ups. We've learned that participation in Facebook groups and physical meet-ups are correlated; a more engaged group can expect better attendance at meet-ups. You can check out the guides for best practice for building engagement in Facebook groups.

Is there content that should not be posted in the Facebook group?

The value of the Facebook group is derived from having meaningful communication among members. Spammy content, such as promotional posts, unrelated posts, or sales pitches will detract from the conversation in the Group. We encourage you to delete spam and have members help with flagging spam. If you see too much spam, a best practice is to also remind the community about the purpose of the group.

Please refer to our code of conduct on the homepage for more details on our community standards.

What makes a great lead?

Great leads are experienced, recognized, and influential developers in their local communities. Leads are connectors, and they're driven by seeing other people's success. They're hungry to learn, eager to collaborate and are ready to lead. They love technology, and are passionate advocates and users of Facebook's products and technologies. They're builders that want to change the world through web and mobile applications.

What are my responsibilities as a lead?

As a lead, you are responsible for building, growing and supporting a local Developer Circle. This includes working with Facebook to establish your Developer Circle, growing an active and engaged Facebook community and hosting regular meetups. The resources in the links on the Leads hub have everything you need to help you do all of this successfully.

What types of content should I share in the Group and where should I find it?

Feel free to share any content that you believe will be interesting and will resonate with members. Some examples are: articles/webinars on topics such as UX design, coding and development, data science and analytics tools, business and startup fundamentals; industry trends; community events; self-created content. Great places to find content are: the Dropbox content repository, Facebook pages such as Facebook for Developers, and tech insight websites.

How do I find a venue/speakers to host a Developer Circles event?

We suggest you reach out to tech hubs (co-working spaces/universities, etc.) and influencers with whom you already have a relationship or who support the local tech ecosystem. Whether you are reaching out to partners to secure an event space or to request support from a potential speaker, it's helpful to provide concise context on Developer Circles. Also, be specific with your ask from the partner. A best practice is to use Developer Circles branding for your communication, as this demonstrates to partners that you are an official Lead. You can find the branding assets in the Dropbox folder.

Introducing our leads

Our Developer Circles leads make it all possible. Get to know some of our inspiring community builders.