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From hackathons to world-class training courses and events that empower minorities, Developer Circles offer access to a range of skillset and career-building experiences for members at a local level, on a global scale.

Community Challenge

We host an annual online hackathon, known as our Community Challenge, where members build innovative solutions to win cash prizes.

Between September 10 and October 26 this year, participants will be creating their own education tutorials across a range of Open Source tools and Facebook products, including Messenger, Spark AR and Wit.ai.

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World-class training

We partner with leading online education partners like DataCamp, OpenClassrooms and Udacity to provide free placement in premium technical training courses - across a range of subjects including coding languages.

We offer two training tracks to equip aspiring developers with reputable training and career preparation.

Open Source Immersion

Our Developer Circles Open Source Immersion initiative is a month-long celebration of Open Source technology, run by Facebook.

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As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to join free webinars, code-labs and watch parties on a range of technology topics. In addition, you’ll be able to help us celebrate diversity in our global community through our #WomenofDevC initiative – including virtual meetups, training sessions and interviews.