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Miguel, Jacqui & Adán - Circle Leads

The Story

The Developer Circle in Mexico City was one of the first circles in the program, kicking off in spring of 2016. It has quickly grown into a busy and diverse hub of developers and entrepreneurs, many of whom are experienced and well-connected members of the wider tech community who were looking for a forum to share ideas and learn from each other.

The circle leads Miguel, Jacqui and Adán believe that sharing knowledge, helping each other and giving back to the community are core principles of their circle's mission and success. They are leveraging the program as a platform for talented developers to connect with entrepreneurs to start building new businesses, and they are structuring collaboration and learning through technical deep-dives, workshops and hackathons. They have also created a forum for professional developers to spend time mentoring students, helping them advance their skills.

One of their developers, Victor Hugo, was working on a personal project with chat bots and was struggling with a particular issue around integrations. He found a solution to his problem at one of the Developer Circles workshops, and soon became more involved with the community and invited his friends to join. Victor now has a start-up that builds customer service chat bots for companies, and is backed up by a local tech accelerator.

Miguel, Jacqui and Adán have big plans for future. Mexican start-ups often have challenges scaling ideas and getting the mentorship they need. To address these challenges, they are looking to build a community that inspires developers and start-ups to grow beyond Mexico, creates additional forums for mentorship, and helps bring positive change on a global scale.

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