Leading a community of over 1,000 developers in Delhi

Saransh Kataria - Circle Lead

The Story

Saransh, community Lead for Developer Circles Delhi, had been interested in technology ever since he was a child, so choosing to study computer science and getting involved in the local developer community seemed like an obvious choice.

Saransh was at a technology conference when he first heard about Developer Circles. Two months later, as a Lead he held the first meetup for Developer Circles Delhi, exploring Facebook’s Open Source technology, and has now grown the circle into a diverse community of over 9,000 developers and tech enthusiasts.

Developer Circles Delhi holds meetups every month. The themes and format vary to suit the interests of the developers attending, and usually include tech talks, hackathons and hands-on code labs on topics such as machine learning and progressive web apps. The meetups are so popular some of the members travel 6-8 hours to attend.

Saransh’s vision for Developer Circles Delhi includes building closer ties with Developer Circles Bangalore, continuing to grow a like-minded and interactive community of developers, while fostering an environment of learning, fun and discussion.

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