Giving back to the community through tech in Tunis

Faten Ghriss - Circle Lead

The Story

Faten has always been passionate about community, groups and learning initiatives that bring people together. Her other passion is technology and the opportunities it gives people to connect, share knowledge and solve problems together.

Faten studied Computer Network and Telecommunication Science in Tunis, but it was a year spent as an exchange student in Minnesota, U.S. that made her realize she wanted to give back to the community. So she went back to Tunisia and co-founded Young Tunisian Coders Academy that teaches children to code.

Faten first heard about Developer Circles at a conference she was speaking at and shortly after decided to start her own circle and hosted her first meetup in March 2017. The meetup, focused on bots for Messenger, and was so popular it received 200 registrations, exceeding venue capacity in just three days.

Faten is inspired by the Developer Circles mission to connect developers, help them share ideas and experiences, and explore new technologies together. Developers in Tunisia are particularly interested in tech-related talks and coding fests, so Faten will be hosting meetups to explore these areas later this year.

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