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Nelson J Vasanth - Circle Lead

The Story

Nelson has always been fascinated by technology, business and leadership, and started his own company when he was only 19. He arrived in Bangalore with only 100 US dollars, unable to speak the language, and with no connections. 10 days later he had landed a job at Yahoo.

Nelson discovered Developer Circles when he attended an FbStart event organized by Facebook. Realizing the diverse talent and incredible opportunities offered in the tech community in Bangalore, Nelson decided to lead a Developer Circle in Bangalore in September 2016. The circle has quickly gained popularity, and as of September 2018, it had grown into a community of over 8,000 developers, start-up technologists and students interested in building great things together.

In his few short months as a Developer Circles community lead, Nelson's goal has been to connect developers and help them learn from each other, share experiences and create useful content that keeps members coming back. Developers in Bangalore are particularly interested in VR, AI, robotics, IoT and React, and upcoming meetups will be focused on these topics. For those developers who can’t join the meetups in person, Nelson is building an online library that all Developer Circle Bangalore members can access and learn from remotely.

Nelson has ambitious plans for future. He is looking to build the Developer Circle Bangalore into a 10,000-developer strong community, grow global start-ups attracting investors, and close the digital divide in his community.

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