Collaborating on open source projects in Malang

Andi Dirgantara - Circle Lead

The Story

Andi, a Lead for Developer Circles Malang, studied urban planning and never planned to pursue a career in technology. But when he developed a simple website for himself for fun, his friends were so impressed they asked Andi to create websites for them too. Very quickly Andi found himself building and fixing websites most of his time, so he decided to follow his passion and got a job as a data engineer at a Big Data start-up.

Developer Circles Malang started in November 2016, and a few short months later had grown from a group of 10 developers into a community of over 500 tech enthusiasts. Andi’s mission is to build an active community for developers where they can share knowledge, collaborate and learn about Facebook's Open Source technology, including React, Flow, GraphQL and other software tools. The circle runs a busy program of meetups exploring conversational commerce infrastructure and bots on Messenger, React Native for unified codebase and deep-dives on other topics of interest to the local community. They regularly feature tech talks from guest speakers, including experts from Facebook and Digital Innovation Lounge Malang.

Andi has a bold vision for Developer Circles Malang. He aims to grow a strong community and build a sustainable program of talks, hackathons and technical challenges that help developers to collaborate on open source projects, share discussions and find solutions to technical problems together.

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