Building a diverse tech community in Lagos

Innocent Amadi - Circle Lead

The Story

Growing up, Innocent was a big fan of “Grand Theft Auto”. He was curious to learn how the game was built, which led to greater interest in programming and eventually studying software engineering at university.

Innocent helped to set up Developer Circles Lagos in May 2016, and the community had their first meeting in July. Their first meetup had just a handful of attendees, but over the course of the year, the community has grown to over 1,500 members, with meetups focusing on Facebook’s Open Source technology, React, and bots for Messenger.

And they're just getting started. The community is reaching out to more professional and freelance developers and entrepreneurs in other cities in Nigeria, inviting more women developers to join the circle, and connecting with smaller developer groups with more niche technical interests.

Innocent’s plans for future include developing a program of ambassadors for Developer Circles Lagos, devising a more tailored content plan to meet the specific interests of his developer community and continuing to build an environment where developers can connect with other tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to build great things together.

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