My IG ads are bugged - Not displaying number of likes and comments

Hi there,

I have bad ROAS on my ads for awhile now and I just found out that my IG ads (reels and feed placement) are not displaying their likes and comments numbers, instead they show blank. E.g. they have 1k likes and 100 comments, but the IG feed ad and reel ad have display zero like and comment aka blank.

There is even one IG ad that I have been using for 2 years now, the engagement on that ad are all gone suddenly. The FB version of that ad still retained its engagement though but the IG version now have zero likes and comments whenever I use the same post ID for new campaign.

Worst thing is, 80% of my sales comes from IG so this is a huge negative impact for me.

Meta supports are not helpful and I am grasping at straws here. Need help!

Asked about 3 weeks ago