How can I get IG Hashtag Top Media more than 50

I'd like to get IG Hashtag Top Media more than 50.

I understand I need to use the response(after tag and response URL). And I can get IG Hashtag Recent Media more than 50 using response URL. But when I request IG Hashtag Top Media using response URL, I get same posts information.

This is my code.(python code)

    # IG Hashtag Top Media
    for i in range(number_top_media_call):
        if i == 0:
            top_ig_hash_search_url = f'{ig_hashtag_id}/top_media?user_id={ig_biz_id}&fields=id&access_token={ig_token}&limit=50'

            # first call
            top_ig_hash_search_response = requests.get(top_ig_hash_search_url)

            top_ig_hash_search_json_response = top_ig_hash_search_response.json()
            top_new_ig_hash_search_url[i] = top_ig_hash_search_json_response["paging"]["next"]
            # second,third call            
            top_next_ig_hash_search_response = requests.get(top_new_ig_hash_search_url[i-1])
            top_next_ig_hash_search_json_response = top_next_ig_hash_search_response.json()

            top_new_ig_hash_search_url[i] = top_next_ig_hash_search_json_response["paging"]["next"]
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Asked about 2 months ago