Application Development - Can't perform an action in test environment.

Hello! I would appreciate your help with my problem. I am developing a service, one of the capabilities of which is the ability to create advertising posts on Facebook without leaving our service. I.e. I need to integrate my service with Facebook. In developer mode, I tried to do a test ads post to make a screencast of how this will be used since this screencast will be necessary to get permission to integrate with Facebook. But I received the following notification:

fbtrace_id AbmIfACZic4pNI8HhB5-i_p "code":100, "error_subcode":1885183 error_user_msg. Ads creative post was created by an app that is in development mode. It must be in public to create this ad.

Do I understand correctly that I can't do a test ads post? But how do I request permission for integration if I can't do a screencast of this process? Thanks in advance for your help!

Asked on Thursday