Why my bot do not receive messages event when user click to a button on "Generic template" message?

My bot send to user an "Generic template" message have a button (Title = "Thanks for your click") When user click to a button, my bot receive "messages_postback" event but not receive "messages" event, although on Messenger receive a message with content is "Thanks for your click". So this is a bug or Messenger really not send "messages" event to our bot?

Asked about 3 months ago
Selected Answer

Clicking a postback button triggers a postback event, not a message event (which is only triggered if the user sends an actual (text) message)

January 17 at 2:48 PM

So, how to retrieve auto generate message when user click to a button by webhook?

January 19 at 12:24 AM

See https://developers.facebook.com/docs/messenger-platform/reference/buttons/postback/

January 19 at 1:08 AM