scam the facebook platform

Hi there is a problem with one game lucky 7 at champions club casino. the game was stopped because there is a bug and everyone earns a lot of chips and then sell them on the platforms of no limit poker and vnh poker, 6 months ago access to champions club casino was stopped by mozilla firefox google chrome microsoft sdge .... na 48% is running out.Now the old internet explorer platform farefox enter the champions club casino and play the game lucky 7.these people make a lot of money in this game lucky 7 and sell chips in no limit poker and vnh poker.facebook sells 100m for $ 100 and those who play game lucky 7 at champions club casino sell 100m for $ 5 PLEASE stop the game lucky 7 because fraud is taking place.fraud is punishable all over the world. Do what you can to stop fraud in the faceboock platform. alert those who need to stop the scam right away. The European Union is serious about these scams and could lead to action and a halt to the faceboock platform.stop game lucky 7 champion club casino

Asked about 2 months ago