Unable to set up the Pixel Code , Mainly the Purchase Code is not set up

Hi, from last 2 weeks I am trying to set up facebook ad pixel, I was able to set up the pixel but I am not able to set up purchase action, My main objective is Purchase for the ads, I mistakenly created 2-3 pixels codes but non of them is working for the purchase, Now after speaking to a facebook support person, I have removed all the pixel codes from the website but I need help to set up pixel along with purchase action.

MC Saatchi
Asked about 2 months ago
Selected Answer

👋 Hello MC Saatchi, I understand your problem, Don't worry I can help you. As you may know, there are lots of way to setup Facebook Pixel and Conversion API Tracking. For Example, 1. Manually code 2. Partner Intregration 3. Plugin or App 4. Pixel Your Site 5. Google Tag Manager

✅ I would suggest you to set up Facebook pixel using Google Tag Manager. Because you can send all the data to your Facebook Ads Campaign or Facebook Event Manager in the proper way.

You know that if you set up Pixel through Facebook partner integration, a lot of data is missed from there. Because it is setup by a robotic system. Do you know how to setup Facebook Pixel using Google Tag Manager?

February 12 at 7:32 AM
MD Nuru