Ad Library API - Error Code 10

We're trying to connect to the Ad Library API, but, it's returning error code 10, "you need to be authorized and logged into Facebook. To begin authorization, you can visit".

However, we've verified the identity for: Running Ads About Social Issues, Elections or Politics for the country Spain.

On the App's basic settings: We haven't done "Business Verification" nor "Individual Verification", but it doesn't seem necessary for this request and the App status is currently "Off, in development". We are able to enable it, but again, it doesn't seem necessary, as we are able to do other kinds of requests.

The code we're trying is the only one provided in the documentation which is: curl -G -d "ad_type=POLITICAL_AND_ISSUE_ADS" -d "ad_reached_countries=['ES']" -d "access_token=" "".

Other than the API, we're also not being able to access it via the Graph Explorer, although what we really need is the API access.

What could be going wrong?

Asked about 2 weeks ago
Selected Answer

Sounds like you use an app token not a user token

February 14 at 10:41 AM