How to create a simple app to get public posts from a page

Hi everyone,

I am really struggling in accomplishing the task in the title. I just want a very basic HTML/js system to obtain posts from a public page for personal use. The app is in development mode and is (as I said) for personal use. I read that Page Public Content Access is needed, however, I have to complete an app review, and it seems I DO HAVE to complete it, even though the app is for personal use and in dev mode.

Now, I'm also working in localhost, (and needed stack overflow to know that to make FB API work, I needed a web server, and in those terms the docs are awful).

The app is asking for a privacy policy URL anyway, but localhost isn't accepted, as it says that the given address is invalid. Then, what's the point of app review if my app won't be used by external users, there are no data to be st0l3n and such (because the app review is clearly made for this purpose). I don't even know where to start to get my app reviewed as I have not implemented anything because I need that permission to start working.

I also add, that the public page is from a friend of mine, and I could create a dev account with his credentials and work on that page as it would be owned by me, but I already have a dev account over my personal one and would be a bad workaround IMHO.

Can somebody guide me over the basic steps in order to use the API to get public posts? What should I do?

Asked about 2 weeks ago