Getting user access token.

Hi, I have been searching for a solution but it seems all Facebook documentation for the Graph API for getting access tokens is all based for those developing an App. We are just trying to pull posts from our own company facebook pages to display on our corporate marketing web site. We used to just be able to use {your-app_id}|{your-app_secret} doing a GET from{page id}/posts?access_token= {your-app_id}|{your-app_secret}. But that stopped working. The only thing I have been able to get working now is to get a temporary token from your Graph API Explorer, then getting a using the api to get a long lived user token and that to get a long live page token. I am just not sure what happens in 3 months when the "Data Access Expires".
Where can I find how to get an access token via the graph api? Thanks in advance.

Asked about 6 months ago