user_friends went back on "pending verifcation" and our production app stopped working

On November 2020 we published our app Riddles Kingdom (app ID: 1380624735662527) which integrates Facebook APIs, we made a request to use user_friends permission and it was accepted.

Now, on June 2021, after facebook introduced Advanced and Standard Access for Permissions and functions the user_friends permission went back to "pending verification", it is like this for weeks, and it seems there is nothing we can actually do. It seems to be a bug of the new Advanced and Standard Access feature, we didn't send any verification request because it was already verified, we didn't get any notification.

Our app is in production and it stopped working because of this issue. Through the support center seems that we can reach Facebook direct support only for issues related to WhatsApp business.

This is a big problem for us which is having a severe impact on our app, new users can't even log in, there is someone who can help us please?

Asked about a month ago

There is some way to reach someone on Facebook ? We still have this problem and we are getting tons of negative reviews.

June 25 at 1:06 AM
Selected Answer

I'm having a similar problem with user_friends on an app in development mode. When my app was moved to the new "Permissions and Features" on June 10 with standard and advanced access for each permission, test users no longer return the friends list. Your situation is somewhat different since you are approved for user_friends, but your report, my report and another report suggest there is a bug for user_friends with the new permissions policy.

June 27 at 9:05 AM

I thought it was a bug with the new "Permissions and Features", I tried to file a bug report but the system prevents me from doing so because it thinks I'm complaining about a verification rejection. Facebook support for developer is non-existent, I don't know what to do anymore.

June 28 at 1:01 PM

We are still facing this issue and we don't have any solution to apply, there is nothing we can do and it seems there is not Facebook support for developers even for problems caused by bugs on their platform, and we can't even report such bugs because their system prevents us to do so. If someone at Facebook is reading this, we need help as soon as possible, we verified our company 2 years ago and we obtained user_friends permission 1 years and half ago, before releasing our apps, now the apps are live and this bug is causing tons of negative reviews. The new "Permission and Features" is all broken.

June 30 at 12:53 AM