What is the best way to pair a Facebook Pixel and Product Catalogue for a client's Shopify store?

Hey there.

I apologize for the long text, but I truly need some guidance here.

I work in an agency where we run ads for a client. Recently we've launched a shopify online store. I want to setup pixel, events, product catalogue, product feed in order to properly run dynamic product ads.

Current scenario: - client's facebook pixel was created by me and is in the agency business manager (admin access). - client's facebook page is in the client's business manager. I have admin access only through my personal facebook profile, not the agency's. - this facebook page ad account is in the agency's business manager (admin access). - product catalogue is in shopify's business manager (because the pixel was created through third party platform shopify option in settings).

Current issues: - unable to setup all pixel events. When testing events I get some of them with this error "pixel and catalog not paired" - on catalogue manager, unable to select catalogue, I get a "you need catalogue admin permission" message - on catalogue manager settings, unable to setup event sources and connect a pixel to tracking because it does not show up on results, only my personal page facebook pixel, not the client's mentioned before - unable to setup facebook marketing app on shopify as it requires that page and ad account are in the same business manager

I have contacted the Facebook support before and the suggestion was to start from asking Shopify to setup our business manager as their partners and it would be possible to connect the pixel with the product catalogue.

It has been a few days and still no feedback. Is there any simpler way to do this? What do you suggest?

Thank you.

Asked about a week ago