Connecting new app to Ads Account - iOS ID being rejected / not found

Hi - we've just launched a version of our UK iOS app in the US, but are having difficulties setting up an ad campaign for the app in our Ads account.

The app is live in the US iOS store with a valid iOS ID, however, whenever we attempt to save the iOS ID within the Developer Facebook App Dashboard within > Settings > Basic > iOS > iPhone Store ID we get the following error message:

'There was a problem retrieving your iPhone Store ID from the App Store. Please check the ID and try again later.'

Alternatively, when we try a set up an App Installs campaign and 'Choose the app you want to promote' within the App section of the Ad Set Up, we cannot find our app within the Ads Account, nor when searching for it.

We've tried selecting the United States, and searching for the app, but cannot find it; and we've also tried adding the URL and doing it through the other suggested methods, but are still encountering the same issues.

Any thoughts on how to problem solve this issues would be appreciated.

Asked about 3 months ago