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Dynamic Ads (Advanced E-commerce tracking) for non-partner E-commerce systems


I work in a digital marketing agency (no programming). However, we often set up Facebook tracking via Google Tag Manager for our client sites.

Normally we have the e-commerce tracking set up directly through the stores (mostly partner stores of Facebook).

One of our clients uses Xanario Shop System, which is not a partner of Facebook und therefore advanced e-commerce tracking for facebook is no standard. Luckily the tracking of purchase events (Purchase with Currency and Value) is automatically detected because the Facebook Pixel recognizes and translates the event set up according to Google standard.

While the pixel detects the purchase event with value and currency, other parameters can not be recognized somehow. We also do not manage to add the missing parameters Content-Ids and Content-Category via Tag Manager we need for Dynamic Ads without the events being measured twice.

Is there a workaround to implement the advanced e-commerce tracking according to Google Guideline completely for Facebook? Is it enough to translate the variables via Tag Manager or do the additional parameters for dynamic retargeting really have to be integrated in the store backend via developers?

Thanks in advance!

Asked about a month ago